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This handbook is for anyone involved in the drone industry who either wants to start their own business or is generally interested in some of the key legal concepts involved in operating a drone business. 

It is intended to be as practical as possible, including key concepts as well as ‘Practical Tips’ many of which you can immediately apply to your business 

You may notice that this handbook refers to the more general legal environment around operating drones, rather than going into the Civil Aviation Act 1988, Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 and other aviation specific law. This is for 2 reasons: first, we assume that you acquired a fair understanding of the aviation law during your RePL/ReOC course; second, a handbook on the aviation law would be its own separate beast (we are working on this). Despite this handbook not going into the current aviation law, if you do have any questions in relation to the aviation law, please do get in touch. 

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