5 FREE Drone cinematic LUTS to enhance your footage!

Colour grading can completely change the look of your drone video, but unless you’ve spent years understanding the science and background of colour, you may not have the technical know-how to achieve the desired look. Using the right 'LUT' can help turbocharge this.

We have created our top 5 looks for you for free!

‣ Streets
‣ Lush
‣ Heat
‣ Blade

What is a LUT and how is it used?

LUT stands for 'Look Up Table', and is basically a conversion profile that takes a colour value in your original file, looks it up in a table and returns a new colour value...in other words like adding a filter ;)

Why use LUTs on footage?

  • Set a predetermined look for a specific visual feeling
  • Increase the speed at which you can color grade
  • Use as a starting point to develop your unique colour grade


Perfect for that hard edge urban look, apply to footage to increase the grunge and crush the blacks


 Get that Aussie sunburn warm look by increasing orange tones to warm up your footage


Increase the heat with this clean look without sacrificing too much. Basic adjustments to bringing down highlights, increasing shadows & adding a touch of saturation.


Bring some wanderlust orange & teal tones to enhance the cinematic & travel vibes of your footage. Perfect for vlogs, travel videos & golden hour footage.


A moody vibe that balances the blacks & whites while overlaying a cooler cinematic tone.

Need more?

These 5 LUTS are also included in our essentials 25 Cinematic LUT range.

The ultimate set of colour grading looks for your drone video.

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