The ultimate guide to flying within the law (CASA) and without a worry

The regulations on drones can be confusing and overwhelming! This 45 page legal handbook is an easy to read guide on running a drone business in Australia and dealing with the legal challenges that come with it.

DMA have teamed up with Tom Pils, Australia's drone legal expert AKA the Drone Lawyer and have put together a handbook that simplifies the common yet complex questions of running a drone business in Australia


  1. Business structures: take-off from solid ground
  2. Contracts: why the fine print matters
  3. Employment issues: keeping you and your pilot’s in the clear
  4. Intellectual property: protecting your brand and ideas
  5. Data, privacy and noise: how to fly over these obstacles
  6. Trouble in the sky: flying into (and out of) hot water
  7. Complex drone operations: getting started when you want to get tricky
  8. Drone registration and pilot accreditation: preparing for the future 

For further information contact Tom Pils at The Drone Lawyer


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Tom Pils

Tom Pils is a Senior Solicitor at boutique commercial law firm LawBase, where he specialises in drone law and the broader regulatory environment in which all drone pilots must operate. Tom is dedicated to advocating for the industry and educating drone service providers on legal and commercial issues. He does this by way of speaking at conferences and on podcasts, and being an avid writer of drone-related articles. Tom is also President of the Association of Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc. Tom's passion for the industry and his legal experience puts him in a strong position to advise his clients on the many regulatory aspects surrounding drone use as well as the greater commercial context.