Drone checklist documents

We have collated and customised some of the most used checklists for operational and businesses record-keeping purposes.

Pre-flight checklist

Real Estate Shot checklist

Inventory checklist

Packing gear list

Pre-flight checklist

A Drone preflight checklist helps in reducing the risk of physical damage to property, injuries, flyaways, and costly lawsuits.

It is used by both beginners and serious drone pilots. The checklist may also be a requirement for drone regulators, such as the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), Australia (CASA) and more.

Real Estate shot-type checklist

Use this list as a quick reference to ensure you don't forget to capture everything needed whilst on location.

We have provided the most common must-have shots for photo and video for Real Estate marketing. Also seen in our Real Estate Masterclass Course

Packing Gear List

Ever forgotten to pack something important on a job?

This packing gear checklist will ensure you and your team are across your items for your jobs making sure you don't forget anything important!

This list works hand-in-hand with your full inventory list. Simply copy and paste items from there in this on a project basis.

Inventory list

For peace of mind and record keeping purposes, it is always advisable to keep a record of your full inventory.

From large drones to filters, keeping a running list of your gear will also help you understand your total costs, location of the item and help with insurance itemising and estimation.

Use this list in conjunction with the packing gear list on a specific project to ensure you know what you are taking out of the master inventory!